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We invite you to go behind the scenes and into our lives as we carve out a crazy, adventurous, hands-on self reliant journey - deep in British Columbia's remote forest! If you watch shows like 'Life Below Zero' & 'The Last Alaskans' or have followed Dick Proenneke's 'Alone in the Wilderness' documentary series, then you will love this site!

Actually, we starred in Mountain Men - Season 12 in 2023.

We thank you for your support. Without it we couldn't bring this level of entertainment right into your home - all from our little log cabin in the middle of the Off Grid wilderness. 

Our little off grid fishing resort is an ongoing restoration in progress. This is all part of the entertainment you get to watch! We snow machine for hours through the wilderness to get to where our truck is parked when we need to journey into town. Every trip is an experience and an adventure all on it's own! We strive to live sustainably, Off Grid so far away from main roads, civilization in complete solitude. Our nearest homesteading off grid neighbor is 35km away! While we love having guests, our most frequent visitors are Grizzly bears & Timber Wolves! We will take you through our life of getting a resort up and running, how to survive in the wilderness, and how to manage and cope in a relationship that is tested by every element nature can throw at it! Plus so much more!


We are often asked all sorts of questions by folks looking to make the move Off the Grid. What do we need? What tools are the most important? How much money does it cost? What skills are required? How much food will I use in a year? No question is a dumb question! We get all kinds! So we figured there is a great demand for answers and guidance. We even have a host package here at the resort catering to couples who want to learn more or at least experience off grid life before they take the plunge! Especially when one in that couple is unsure if they will fully embrace the life or not. It's the best advice we have, try it first and learn everything you can before you take the plunge!


Here is a teaser from our blog and our story as we continue this incredible journey roughing it in the Wild West Chilcotin, British Columbia Canada...

As I sit here at Eliguk Lake, writing about our journey to this amazing place, I can't help but wonder how we ever made it here at all. It's me, Jennifer - crazy, adventurous wife lady of Aron Toland, (aka Mountain Man) and this is all about our "next chapter in life". We could have filled a whole season of one of the best reality shows EVER with just 15 days in the bush! At the very least, we should be airing an episode of "I Shouldn't Be Alive"....or so it felt that way in the beginning.

...continued on our blog page...please subscribe!


$29.88 (CA)/Year. For a few cents a day, you can join us on our adventures. Having a full time wilderness blogger at work for you providing real entertainment, bushcraft knowledge, pioneering know-how, recipes, goodies, current homesteading headlines & info. Have questions? Just ask us right on our page. We are always adding to our blog and our story. How we live without running water in the Winter, harvesting ice for refrigeration, all the while we are 400km from the nearest major shopping center. Did I mention adventure? It's non-stop and we report the good and the bad! We share the good times as well as the real tough times going through natural disasters and the physical drain of outdoor work. Drop by the greenhouse build and visit the chickens.

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Starting in February 2024, we're also featuring our off grid adventures in 'The Backwoodsman Magazine!'


Click this link to our article in the magazine

"Outdoor Canada" 2018.



Where we have many video's of life in the wilderness.

Off Grid Life Blog...the Teaser.

Yes, you guessed it! We live off grid. How do we blog about it? By pointing a satellite dish into the sky and powering it with solar panels. Sure, we use a generator after dark if need be,...surely you can't expect an off gridder to give up all life's little luxuries? Especially since we've already given up running water and flush toilets! We are roughly 400km (250 Miles) from the nearest city and major shopping center. Are we crazy? Sometimes! Living amongst Grizzly Bears and packs of Timber Wolves can be a little intimidating. However, lately I have had 3 encounters with Moose trying to run me down. So I'm not sure where the bigger threat lies.

We are a mid-life couple that woke up one day and said, "this can't be it, can it? There has to be more to life than this?" So enough of the city life/rat race/hamster wheel game of work/pay bills/eat/sleep. We spent 5 years planning and will tell you in detail how we succeeded. Then we leapt outside our comfort zone/bubble/box.

In such a short time society has gone from being self sustainable to totally dependent on society and the government for everything. It's almost like watching civilization collapse. Disconnecting yourself from the contaminated industrial food economy and unwinding from the hamster wheel of life. Work, eat, sleep, repeat.

By creating our own reality, our own life without boundaries puts us in control what happens and when things get done. It's a movement that is world wide spread and well known. It's on an incline, and growing fast. As long as your living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on public utilities, you are considered to be Off the Grid. Otherwise known as Pioneering, Homesteading, Re-wilding, Permaculture, Self-Sufficiency all end goals leading to a sustainable and hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

We will tell you our entire story and it will read just like a never ending book to our members only, it will keep going as we continue living it.

We all look forward to meeting you!


Mountain Man, Wilderness Woman & Community.

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